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career counselling

Career Counselling

From an era when studying biology strictly meant doctor, arts meant homemaker, commerce meant banker and math meant engineer, we have traveled to a world where the options of job titles vary from Ski-instructor to museum guide to wedding planner to the web developer. No passion, no hobby, no experience is a waste in today’s time if you are aware of the interminable possibilities waiting for you. This makes the decision making jigsaw easy as well as complex! Each decision is pivotal in the framework of career and has far-reaching impact in every other sphere of your life. We look at the intersection plane of your interests, skills and your life’s demands to steer you towards the best career options and assist you in all that is needed to be there. Be it through counseling, courses, training, internships or interaction with experts, we support you with all the essentials to achieve the role of your dreams!