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Holistic Wellness

A healthy body and a peaceful mind remain at the core of happiness. For the present age urban

Youth, happiness quotient is directly associated with career growth and satisfaction at the workplace.

An illustrious career often comes at a very high cost. Latest findings reveal that work stress-related physical and mental abuse can lead to chronic damage to our tissues, organs, systems which in turn can lead to serious consequences in mid to late life. If it handled with balance and wisdom, professional demands can quickly result in sleep pattern deviations, postural defiance, frequent meal skipping and fast food intake, musculoskeletal strain, and mental stress.

At The Happy Collar, we solve health-related doubts as well as the management of health and disease prevention with lifestyle solutions that cover all the aspects of food, appropriate fitness regime as well as other measures. We take group health sessions and individual sessions. Our corporate sessions are customized as per the work environment and specific health challenges or occupational hazards faced by the employees in that environment.


Preventive Healthcare:

In today’s world, living in a disease-free state is an achievement by itself. The pollutants and contaminants on all the aspects of existence is making it difficult every passing minute. By incorporating simple doables for one’s individual work-life challenges, immunity to infections, chronic disease resistance, better physique and efficiency can be enhanced manifold. 


OJAS (Corporate Wellness):

This intricate relationship of health, family and work is often neglected and leads to cumulative effects that challenge one’s physical and mental abilities. Without an agile brain and supportive body, even the most interesting task can become a struggle. This session will pave the path out of prevalent misconceptions and malpractices with a direct impact on their well-being and life balance. The content will convey the scientific approach of healthy living in a creative manner including games, quizzes, and fun activities.



Annually, 1.7 million children are born with birth defects in India alone. Aspiring parents need to understand the effects of wrong lifestyle & that of the accumulated waste matter on the health and behavior of the upcoming being. These programs are designed with a blend of Vedic culture and the latest evidence-based science with field experts. With SATTVAJ, aspiring parents can sow the best seeds for a peaceful, happy and strong human race. Design their preconception lifestyle, every aspect bit by bit. Balance their body constitution, minimizing the effects of their weaknesses on the offspring. Learn simple techniques of male and female hormonal balance. Be ready for a smooth late-age conception through fostering relationships and mental, physical interventions. Understand the traditional art and science of designing a future-ready baby



Females are the axis of family and society. They need to strike a balance between so many various elements such as relations, children, home apart from work and recreation. Special attention is required for them to support their respective spheres without getting overwhelmed and drained. By attending ANOMA, participants will be able to create disease and health map for their family. They shall be able to enhance nutrition and therapeutic value of home food without compromise in flavor. They shall also redesign the kitchen to combat hereditary disease/Family challenges. Learn simple techniques for hormonal balance. Eliminate endocrine disruptors from home & personal care by small lifestyle changes. Be able to lead their families towards medicine-free-health.